Our tiny island took a battering this winter, with a total of 3 named storms this year alone. High winds and high tides and almost 3 straight days of winter storm NEMO, brought flooding to the downtown area, ripped apart the south shore, created knee deep sand drifts at Codfish Park and severely eroded the Sankaty bluff. With Baxter Rd. residents in danger of being cut off in the near future, town officials have been called to draft a plan to reconnect the residents at the end of Baxter Rd. should the road be eventually swallowed by the Atlantic.

I took a walk down the beach, starting at the Sankaty beach club, which is severely under threat and has already lost a cabana and their stairs leading up to the lawn. We walked to the end of the danger zone where there are efforts to stifle mother natures threats with giant burlap sand bags. I can’t say it will do any good.

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